Deep clean of the Stewart Assessment Ward

The construction side of this project involved a full refurbishment of the ward, with a particular focus on bathrooms and kitchens that were no longer fit for purpose.

With the ward remaining a live environment throughout the project’s duration, it was important for us to complete construction without disturbing patients and staff, while upholding maximum health and safety standards. This meant Clean Projects was tasked with minimising any contamination on the wards still in use.

Our expert team strictly adhered to the hospital’s infection control requirements, eradicating any risk of infection or contamination while the project was underway. We installed temporary partitions made from flame-retardant Antinox sheets and double zip doors to segregate the building works from the functioning areas of the ward. As well as this, we underwent a thorough deep-clean upon completion to ensure the refurbished ward met full hygiene standards.

An extra challenge came from needing to safely conduct the project around an isolated outbreak of the stomach bug, norovirus. This meant we were even more cautious and careful with our works, paying even closer attention to the risk of infection and contamination throughout.

Thanks to our hardworking team, we completed the project successfully, on time, and with minimal disruption or contamination risk to patients and staff.

Project Details


St. Helens


Peasley Cross Hospital

Skills Needed: