Clean Projects provides high-quality specialist cleaning for both private and public sector organisations across a wide range of industries. From healthcare to food production and manufacturing, we boast over 25 years of experience.

Our number one commitment is to understand each client’s unique needs and exceed all expectations. Across all the industries we serve, our expert team brings insight and experience into the different requirements, legislation, and compliance standards your organisation faces. And we factor these into the results we produce.

Clean Projects Ltd

We are privileged to work with many blue-chip companies and large organisations, building long-lasting customer relationships. We are constantly analysing and assessing how we can improve our services and provide even better solutions. By partnering with us, our clients get peace of mind that their cleaning will always meet the latest health, safety, and compliance regulations.

We have a fully qualified, highly skilled, and deeply motivated workforce. Our projects continue to be successful because we value team effort and strict project management.


Above all else, our services centre around the unique needs of our clients. Depending on your industry, expectations, and common challenges, we work together to create procedures that achieve the greatest results and are most efficient for your business.

Wherever possible, we look to minimise any disruption to your business and its daily operations. More than happy to work out of hours – such as nights or weekends – our team can work in live environments without any interruption to your staff or clients.

As a business, we always want to be a leader in the industry. This is why we are always looking for ways to improve. Whether it is training opportunities for our specialist workforce, research into specific industry standards, or improving our core service offering, we work alongside you to ensure we meet your every requirement.

The cleaning of high-care environments is no straightforward or easy feat. Because of this, we continually invest in the very best of tools and systems to ensure we always produce exceptional results. We look for any way to serve our clients and their businesses even better.

Drawing on over 25 years of experience, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. While we look for ways to be efficient, cost-effective, and flexible, we never sacrifice on the quality of the end result. Each member of our team shares the same priorities of high-quality results and service, meaning all our clients experience the same unparalleled experience.


Across our services, we want our clients to uphold the highest standards of quality and care. Whatever legislation or compliance requirements are expected of your business will directly inform our approach and process for your project.

Some of these might include:

  • TR-19 certificates for food establishments.
  • Compliance and licensing for laboratories and cleanrooms.
  • Food inspection standards.
  • Mitigating risk of losing listing.
  • FSA (Food Standards Agency).
  • WHO (World Health Organisation) GMP guidelines for pharmaceuticals.