Refurbishment to create additional bedrooms

Throughout our time at Hereford Hospital, our team upheld all the hospital’s infection control measures to ensure minimal risk and disruption to staff and patients alike. Tasked with making sure the surrounding wards remained fully operational, it was important for us to focus on keeping infection and contamination risk as low as possible.

To do this, we installed temporary partitions, made from flame-retardant Antinox sheets, which incorporated double zip doors, to segregate the building works from the main functioning areas of the hospital. On top of this, we performed regular and routine deep cleans of nearby wards to minimise any risk to patients.

Upon completion of the project, we had one final professional-grade deep clean to ensure the refurbished ward upheld all hygiene and cleanliness standards and guidelines.

Our team remained flexible throughout, maintaining a sense of normality for patients by wearing regular clothing in the corridors. And our team’s implementation of enhanced management controls and procedures allowed the hospital to work to its safest maximum capacity while the project was underway.

Our attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed as we were awarded a ‘Going the Extra Mile Award’ for Health and Safety procedures by the Wye Valley NHS Trust. And Hereford Hospital was so impressed with our standard of work, they showcased it to other contractors to demonstrate best practice.

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Hereford Hospital

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